Sub-Contracting Arrangements

Heathercroft Training Academy Sub-Contracting Arrangements

HTA are happy to discuss with other training organisations the possibility of Sub-contracting some of their provision for alternative delivery options for Apprenticeships and Traineeship courses.

Our Management fees range between 10% – 20% depending on the level of support a provider requires.
Currently HTA sub contract to St Catherine’s College UKPRN number 10057302 for the contract year July 2016 – July 2017. This contract is for the delivery of 16-18 Apprenticeships in ICT and Childcare.

The projected funding to be claimed for this provision is £94,330 of which St Catherine’s College will receive 81%.

HTA will retain 19% of the funding of which 9% Is related to substantial support from HTA in respect of the following;

  • ICT training
  • External Verifier fees
  • Registration
  • Certification
  • Delivery of the ERR
  • Use of the OneFile online system
  • Access to the HTA Moodle
  • Weekly tutorial meeting for Functional Skills support
  • Eight weekly review meetings with HTA and Apprentices
  • General administration of the course

Heathercroft Training Academy

Sub- Contracting Policy


Purpose: To ensure that high quality partners are invited to work with HTA on a subcontract partnership basis, to deliver an excellent service to both employers and learners and meet local and national educational demands. Strict application checks will be completed on all potential partners before formal subcontracting and service level agreements can be agreed and issued to maintain a network of quality partner providers.


Responsibility:        Business and Performance Manager


Responsibility:       Business and Performance Manager    (B&PM)


Procedure: Actioned by:  

Document ref:


1 A copy of the Subcontractor/Partner pre-contract checklist to be given to all potential subcontractors upon commencement of negotiations with HTA B&PM



Partner Pre-contract Checklist

2 Potential Subcontractor to provide all items on the pre-contract checklist to HTA head office within 10 working days Subcontractor



Partner Pre-contract Checklist

3 The following items on the checklist must be provided in order for a contract to be agreed

·         Financial Accounts/Statement or bankers reference

·         Mission Statement (if applicable)

·         Insurance (product and public liability)

·         Health and Safety Policy

·         Equal Opportunities policy

·         Complaints policy

·         2 business references (private companies)

Existing providers

·         EV Report (s)(most recent)

·         Ofsted Inspection Report (most recent)

·         Investors in People, Matrix Award  or similar (copy  of cert)

·         Proof of Centre Approval

·         CV’s for relevant Tutors/Assessors

·         IV details






Partner Pre-contract Checklist

5 A contract is not to be entered into before the items on the pre-contract checklist have been provided and checked. B&PM


Pre-contract Checklist
6 The financial accounts must be approved by the Directors. Directors Finance Approval Form
7 The EV reports, Inspection Reports and Trainer/Assessor CV’s must be approved by the Lead Internal Verifier  and Director of Standards and Delivery Lead Internal Verifier

Safeguarding Officer

Quality Approval Form
8 Finance and Quality Approval forms to be returned to B&PM within 5 working days of receipt. B&PM


Completed Finance & Quality Approval Forms
9 Business references to be applied for within 3 days of their receipt subcontractor


Business reference Letter


10 If there is no response to a Business Reference request within 30 days, the subcontract must supply alternative referee details. subcontractor

Associate Director

11 All private subcontractors must be checked with Companies House B&PM Companies House Website
12 All Sub-contractors understand their responsibilities surrounding the SFA funding rules and regulations B&PM Funding Rules for relevant year
13 A comprehensive Service Level Agreement is produced and agreed by the BPM and Sub-contractor containing payment terms, delivery responsibilities, quality standards, and the financial responsibilities. B&PM Service Level Agreement
12 Management fees to be agreed by BPM and Sub-Contractor will range between 10% – 20% depending on the level of support a provider requires B&PM Website
13 Agreement with Sub-Contractor and BPM that all fees and projected funding income is published and transparent on HTA website. Review annually or at expiry of SLA. B&PM Website