Childcare Traineeship

Childcare Traineeship/EYE Apprenticeship programme

The bespoke learning programme provides a young person (16-24 years) with the opportunity of gaining work experience at a nursery for three days a week whilst studying  on the other two for the CYPW L2, Employability and relevant Maths, English and ICT skills.
Once the young person achieves their qualifications they will either be employed by the nursery as a qualified member of staff studying for their Advanced Apprenticeship award or leave the nursery with a reference enabling them to apply for alternative employment.

First 6 months commitment from a nursery employer

August 2017- February 2018

  1. The nursery recruits a 16-24 year old trainee to undertake a traineeship qualification.
  2. The successful trainee attends an unpaid work placement at the nursery for the first 6 months whilst they are studying for the CYPW L2, English and ICT grades.
  3. The trainee attends HTA two days a week to complete their CYPW level 2 Certificate, an Employability Skills qualification, and if they will also upskill their Maths, English and ICT grades.


The following 18 months commitment from a nursery employer

February 2018- August 2019 

  1. On completion of the Childcare Traineeship programme if you are satisfied with the learner’s performance at the nursery you will then employ the young person as an Advanced Apprentice. If you are not satisfied you are not obliged to employ them.
  2. The employer commits to employing the trainee for 18 months on the apprenticeship wage of at least £3.50 per hour for a minimum of 35 hours a week.
  3. the employer is required by the government to pay 10% towards the training, at level 3 the cost is 3250 which can be paid to HTA on a monthly basis or in full when training commences.
  4. Once the trainee achieves employment status the employer is is entitled to £1,000, in two £500 instalments from the government if the young person is under 19 years old.
  5. The EYE apprenticeship must complete 7 hours “off the job” training to meet government guidelines.
  6. Your HTA assessor will visit once a month for observations, training and support, this is a mandatory training requirement.

Please see below our timetable from August 2017-February 2018


Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                    Thursday              Friday

  9am-4:30pm             9am-5pm                9am-5pm                      9am-5pm            9am-1pm

     Study day                  Placement              Placement                      Placement           Study day

      1hr lunch                  1hr lunch                  1hr lunch                         1hr lunch