Apprenticeships & Traineeship Courses in and around Eastbourne, East Sussex

We are now using OneFile

We are now encouraging our learners to complete their training with us online.
Once you are signed up with us and allocated a Tutor, you will be provided with a login and password on a card and the process will be explained to you.
OneFile is the UK’s only learning platform that brings training and assessment together, enabling users to access all the training tools they need in one place.
OneFile is a compatible device, allowing you to access your eportfolio on your tablet, smartphone and computer.
Apprenticeships & Traineeships, Eastbourne, East Sussex


An Apprenticeship is a work based training course which is attached to your job.
Apprenticeships can take from 12 to 24 months depending on the level and your ability to complete the coursework.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships, Eastbourne, East Sussex


A Traineeship is a 6 month education and training programme with work experience.
It helps to prepare you for your future career choices, HTA do this by helping you to become ‘work ready’.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Why choose us?

HTA are a grade 2 Ofsted inspected Independent Provider.
Our tutors are passionate about encouraging learners to succeed and improve their skills and knowledge within their chosen industry. Our tutors work closely with learners to and provide one to one support, advice and guidance. Look at our 10 Guaranteed Standards of Service!


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88% of Classroom Assistants (STL) achieve their Apprenticeship and 8 out of 10 of these learners achieve on time
77% of Traineeships students have progressed onto either an Apprenticeship, Further Education or Employment
92% of Traineeships have completed the course
80% of Heath and social care learners succeeded in their Apprenticeship
94% of ICT learners achieved their Apprenticeship

Our Tutors

What our students say about our tutors
  • Being a techno-phobe it was a very useful course. I have learned a vast amount of new skills which no doubt will create further opportunities and help to explain how my work is carried out.

    Mary Smith, Intermediate Apprenticeship in IT

    Mary Smith Administrator at Thornwood EMI Care Home. Shani Rogers is a tutor at Heathercroft Training Academy. 13.12.2016

  • Adrian is always extremely patient and supportive with all our members of staff that are under taking their diplomas. Adrian spends a lot of time with my staff within the home and on the phone to support them when they are stuck. Adrian is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Lisa Moore , (Manager) Amherst Court, Bexhill

    Adrian Barratt is a tutor for Heathercroft Training Academy.

  • When I first started I was nervous but with the support I received from Shani has been a confidence boost. Completing this course has given me the confidence to lead a meeting to the members of staff.

    Alex Finney, Management L3 Apprenticeship, Heathercroft Training Academy

    Shani Rogers is a tutor for Heathercroft Training Academy.

  • I have just finished the Traineeship course at Heathercroft Training Academy. I was supported by my tutors which helped me progress onto an Apprenticeship. During this Apprenticeship I will be completing my L3 Early Years Educator qualification. Fortnightly I would have support from Kori to help complete some unit work. Heathercroft Training Academy is an amazing and supportive business.

    Tyisha Richardson, Traineeship Course

    Kori Cox is a Traineeship Tutor at Heathercroft Training Academy

  • I am coming to the end of my 6 month Traineeship course at Heathercroft Training Academy. I have really enjoyed every moment here and achieved my ICT Level 1 Functional skills. During my course I have been completing my placement at Mill Gap Garage which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I would recommend people who would like to complete the Traineeship course to come here.

    Ellis McCreery, Traineeship Course 26.02.2016
  • I am very happy with the support I receive from my tutor. She gives me practical support and advice. Maggie gives me the confidence to continue learning!

    Amy Webster, Health and Social Care Level 3

    Maggie Devine is a  tutor at Heathercroft Training Academy   25.04.2016

  • Nina has been very supportive while I have been completing my NVQ. She is always happy for me to contact her at any time with all types of questions.

    Jo Lewis, Health and Social Care Level 3

    Nina Cooper is a tutor at Heathercroft Training Academy